Vanity Fair has published a disturbing rundown of the lawsuits facing NuvaRing manufacturer Merck.


Marie Brenner at Vanity has learned hat NuvaRing maker Merck made $623 million selling NuvaRing last year, despite users who developed terrifying blood clots and filed roughly 3,500 lawsuits.

It egins with the sudden death of 24-year-old Erika Langhart in 2011. Langhart collapsed at home and suffered two heart attacks before she reached the hospital. She died the next day and, although doctors didn’t confirm that her NuvaRing directly caused her pulmonary embolisms, thousands of other women are filing lawsuits against Merck after suffering similar embolisms and blood clots while using NuvaRing. But the birth control is still being widely recommended by gynecologists.

A Danish study only heightened concerns by analyzing health records of over a million women, and concluded that NuvaRing users were far more likely to get blood clots than women who didn’t use hormonal contraceptives.

Even NuvaRing admits to a blood-clot problem. So tell me this, how in the hell did NuvaRing get past the FDA?

For further information on this and other NuvaRing lawsuits visit this website.

Via Vanity Fair

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