That was quick, it seems to be that rapper Future is cheating on his cheating on his fiancee/baby momma Ciara already. Sources are saying Future is cheating with his personal assistant “Tyrina Lee.”


According to insiders, the brunette star was growing suspicious of all the random social media groupies and late night phone activity but he explained it as “harmless banter” and has since moved on to his stylist, explaining the long afternoons spent with her as “trouser fittings.”


Another report shockingly claims that one of Futures groupies, a 23-year-old model from Atlanta, is expecting his child but has been paid to keep it quiet.



Fans initially became suspicious, because it looks like CiCi’s beau spends more time with this “side chick” than he does with his young son and soon-to-be wife.

I really feel bad for Ciara if this is true, because she fell in the love with the rapper and ignored warnings from her friends about his cheating ways, even going as far as to forge a good relationship with the mothers of his previous children for the sake of “their family”.

If the rumors that he has got another women pregnant are true, the new mum is allegedly waiting to see it with her own eyes before kicking him to the curb for good.

Several years ago, following speculation that Future had actually fathered five children with five different women, the rapper went on Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5 to clear the air.

Future and Tyrina, recently enjoyed a tropical beach getaway together in mid-July, not sure if it was work related or not.

From what I hear, Future rarely sees Ciara or his son because he’s too busy touring. He spends all of his time — and apparently all of his money — on his well-kept assistant. She flies 1st class on private jets with Future, and she wears expensive high end bags and shoes, which she posts on her social media for Ciara to see it.

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