With so much pressure surrounding this project and Zendaya Coleman’s choice to take the role it was bound to happen. Reps for Zendaya Coleman confirmed to E! News exclusively that she will no longer be playing the late Aaliyah in the upcoming Lifetime biopic. Apparently, there were production issues, including problems obtaining the rights to Aaliyah’s music.


Zendaya, Aaliyah, Keshia Chante, Lifetime

Zendaya, who was excited to play her idol. Like we reported last week fan favorite Keshia Chante dropped out previously for similar reasons. There has been too much drama surrounding this film, and I think they should just scrap it altogether. It’s evident that her family is doing everything in their power to block this biopic and producers should just respect that. For the record, Zendaya did the right thing walking away and she has gone up in my estimation big time.


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