Following the breakup of Safaree and Nicki Minaj, many rumors started to circulate about what went on behind the music during their relationship.

One of those rumors was that Safaree used to write some of Nicki Minaj rhymes. Now there were some that never believed the rumor, and then there were some that entertained the idea.

Recently, Safaree was a guest on the Easily Offended Podcast with Itsbizkit, Murda Mook, and Movie Matt. During the interview, they talked about his appearance on Love & Hip Hop, his recent success and of course his past relationships.

Safaree mentioned that there were songs that he and Nicki had written together, and his name was left off of a few. However, you know they had to get down to the core and ask if he has ever written any raps for Nicki Minaj.

Murda Mook said, “Have you ever written any whole entire verses or songs?” Safaree simply answered the question and said, “No!”

It was obvious that Safaree maneuvered through the interview with nothing but respect for Nicki Minaj, and even admitted that he wishes that he could still be a part of the creative process when it comes to her music.


Check out the entire interview below:

(35:00 min mark for his confirmation)

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