An indie rock musician killed three former bandmates and wounded another in East Williamsburg early Monday before going to the roof and shooting himself, police said.
The victims were members of an Iranian rock band, The Yellow Dogs, which formed in Tehran in 2006 and called Brooklyn home, according to their Wikipedia page.

The shooter was found dead on the roof from a single blast from a .308-caliber rifle, apparently fired from the bottom of his chin, a source said. One spent shell casing was next to the body, suggesting the self-inflicted wound was the only round fired from the roof, the source said. The gunman has not been identified. Sources said he was kicked out of the band recently for selling equipment.

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the yellow dogs band

Police converged on Morgan Ave. and Grand St. after receiving reports of a man with a rifle. Once inside, they found the home scattered with shell casings, cops said.
On the second floor, Soroush Farazmand, 27, was found lying face up, dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. Two others, Arash Farazmand and Ali Eskandarian were found dead on the third floor, both from gunblasts to the head.

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