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ABC has finally addressed rumors about Rosie Perez’s alleged firing off “The View” and their revelation might shock you.  Find out if and when the Oscar-nominated actress will return to the panel inside…


Following Rosie Perez and Rosie O’Donnell’s cringe-worthy confrontation over the Cosby accusers a few weeks ago, many saw the writing on the wall for Rosie P.  Some folks said she doesn’t fit the panel.  Their huge blowup started a quiet whisper campaign about ABC execs replacing Rosie P.  and eventually rumors of her getting fired ran rampant.

Now….the execs at ABC News have finally spoken, clearing up the rumors.  In a statement to PEOPLE, the network shot down rumors that Rosie P. got canned and revealed that she’ll return to the panel on February 3rd.  They said, “We look forward to welcoming the multifaceted Rosie Perez back to her seat as co-host on the panel on Feb. 3 after completing rehearsals.”

A promo for Rosie’s ig return also ran during today’s show.

If you’re wondering where Rosie’s been hiding, she’s been preparing for her role in Larry David’s upcoming Fish in the Dark play.  Since she left to prep for the play, her seat has been filled by a select group of celebs, including singer Michelle Williams and Naya Rivera.

In spite of the rumors, the execs seem to have missed Rosie’s presence. The network also told PEOPLE that Rosie “…brings her rich life experience and passion to the table, something we’ve sorely missed while she’s been away.”


Peep the video where Rosie O. went in about the rumors last week:

So, there you have it.


Photo via Rosie’s Instagram

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