Rumored that T.I. and Tiny may secretly wed this upcoming weekend on a private island in Hawaii.  The couple left for Hawaii on Monday, and both have been suspiciously silent on their twitter pages., But that didn’t stop Tiny’s daughter and The OMG Girlz from talking.

T.I., Tiny, and the family along with The OMG Girlz and their parents and friends are all in Hawaii.  Apparently, they just arrived on Monday.  Tiny did say in numerous interviews months ago that she and T.I. would likely have a summer wedding. 

Check out some photo’s of the kids below:

Lourdes Rodriguez aka @OMGLoLo tweeted a pic of T.I. and Tiny’s son King sitting at the airport.  I also see Dejha (T.I.’s daughter) in the background.

OMG Girlz are having  fun in the pool

Bahjah Rodriguez aka @Beauty_OMG twit pic’d a photo of herself on the beach

I guess time will tell, and I will keep you posted.



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