We here at Gumbumper heard from our girl over at Tattletaizz, that T.I. is expecting another bundle of joy and it’s not with his wife Tiny.


We all hear the stories of T.I .always cheating with other women and have plenty of mistresses that he deals with, and poor little Tiny just sits there and deals with it, because there is one thing she has that them other Chic’s will never have…..that is, his last name….. This story in-particular is very interesting because everyone knows they’ve slept around before, but this this time she is pregnant with T.I.’s baby, but like I said it’s  a rumor… “Allegedly”…

Drum roll please…….it’s Ms. Hanna Kang the GM of Grand Hustle.


Sources say that Tiny got wind of what is going on and that she is expecting the rappers baby and is not too pleased about the situation. But she will continue to put on a brave and happy front for the family and the show.

Sources are also saying, hear T.I. offered her a cool million to abort the baby, even Tiny has begged her to keep it secret and get an abortion. Just imagine how this makes him look, especially for T.V. not a good look at all!!

Gumbumpers, like I said earlier in the post……this is a rumor for the time being.

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