According to reports, Rihanna and Colin, who have been romantically linked for two months, are getting increasingly serious about each other to the point where Rih Rih has expressed her desire to live with Colin. 

A source revealed to More! magazine: “Rihanna told friends she’s so in love with Colin that she’s thinking about moving in with him. They’ve already said ‘I love you’ to each other, and Colin asked her last week if she’d like to live with him. Rihanna seems really keen.”

However, the What’s My Name? singer’s hectic work schedule, which was to blame for her break up with Matt Kemp, is proving to do the same with her rumored romance with Colin.

The source added: “Rihanna’s got a crazy work schedule, so seeing him has been tricky. But she seems to really like Colin, so she flew for four hours just to have dinner with him. Rihanna says it was totally worth it to see Colin – she just can’t get enough of him.”