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Folks are so quick to spread lies and rumors, even if they might derail someone’s livelihood. Today, “Empire” star Malik Yoba addresses the gossip spread about him over the weekend, telling fans and friends that he DOES NOT have a substance abuse problem. Watch it inside…

Yes….we were all shocked by the sudden death of Vernon Turner (aka Mr. Malik Yoba) on “Empire” and trust us….he was shocked too. In addition to dying on camera, someone over at The Inquisitr attempted to assassinate his character online.

Malik called into TMZ today to clear up rumors about his “substance abuse” problem. In case you missed it, a rogue blog (in the video above Malik and his lawyer traced the rumor back to The Inquisitr) published a unsubstantiated report that Malik was fired from “Empire” because of a drug problem. Over the weekend, the rumor went viral ( did not print the story).

Now, Malik is speaking out and considering legal action (as he should). Above, he looks right into the camera and says with full confidence that over his 25 year career, he has never had a substance abuse problem. Tsk tsk….The Inquisitr (based in Thailand) has removed their post.

Photo via Malik’s Twitter

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