Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night immediately after he appearance on ‘The Tonight Show‘ with Jay Leno. During the taping of the show, she was complaining of horrible nausea and a bad headache… prompting people to momentarily question whether Gomez has a baby-Biebz on the way.”
That is what Holly Stafford, of The Hollywood Dame, had to report about Disney Channel Star Selenza Gomez possibly being pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby!

     TMZ isn’t saying she’s pregnant yet, but their statement is just a ominous: “She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.”

     Stafford goes on to say that “It’s probably just jealous teenyboppers with Bieber-fever that are practicing voodoo on the poor, defenseless Gomez. But maybe that’s just me. Lets just hope one of the tests she passes at the hospital is the pregnancy test.”

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