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Erykah Badu headlined The Roots 8th annual “Roots Picnic” show in Philly yesterday and her appearance prompted pregnancy rumors…which she shut down on Twitter! Check it out inside…

Over the weekend, Erykah Badu headed to Philly to headline The Roots 8th annual “Roots Picnic” and her set included a twerk session that sparked a few rumors. In the clip above, Erykah reminds us that she’s got a badonk…but a few fans speculated that she might be expecting a baby. Is she pregnant?

Once Ms. Badu (the mother of three) got wind of the rumors, she got on her Twitter account (which happens to be @FatBellyBella) and responded to the pregnancy question saying…

So….how does Badu explain her weight gain (that we don’t even see since she just looks her usual hot bodied self to us)?

She continued….


Outside of the pregnancy rumors, Erykah’s exciting set included a surprise appearance from The Lox who joined her on “Love Of My Life” and “All About The Benjamins.” Check it out…..

Photos via The Boombok Twitter/The Key Instagram Twitter/Erykah Badu Twitter

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