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Big Sean’s girlfriend Ariana Grande got a little too close for comfort with Justin Bieber during a performance last night. Now…word on the curb is that Big Sean allegedly issued a threat to Bieber, telling him to keep his hands off his girl. But is it real? Decide for yourselves inside….

It’s all “entertainment” until someone feels disrespected. Then, egos and pride jump into the mix, the social media antics pop off…but is any of it real? Let’s break it down.

Last night, Ariana Grande hit the stage at The Forum in Inglewood where pop superstar Justin Bieber came out for a surprise performance, joining her on stage. The two were performing “As Long As You Love” where, towards the end, Bieber decides to pull Ariana in front of him and wraps his arms around her waist as he leans in on her neck.

Check it:

Then, following their performance of “Love Me Harder” they embraced:

Now…supposedly her boyfriend Big Sean is said to have hit up his Twitter to comment on what went down on stage with his girl and then deleted it. There are a couple of tweets floating around of alleged responses:

One tweet simply reads “Wow.” While it’s possible he could have tweeted this after fans hit him up about Bieber all over his girl, we found a few other alleged tweets with the same comment, but different (and impossible, as they were dated in the future) dates and times. Hmph.

Then there’s this:

Here’s another supposed tweet from the Detroit rapper, which reads “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that.”

This also appears to be another case of someone possibly flexing their Photoshop skills. Big Sean’s rep has also confirmed that the tweet is a fake.

There is also a picture of Big Sean supposedly sitting in the audience floating around (above) where folks are claiming he watched all of this go down. But, we did our research. Sean was in Ottawa, ON last night, scheduled to rock the stage at the Ernst and Young Centre. So no, the above picture of him looking on is not from last night.

Nothing to see here kids….

Photos: Big Sean’s IG/Twitter

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