Royce Reed goes in on Evelyn & Shaunie, via her blog which was deleted via Vh1.


Royce said on her twitter she will post her blog again somewhere else.

Here’s what Royce said: “Fourth: Okay…the truth!
A. I’m honestly tired of people stating that Shaunie was over my paycheck or even my role on the show. I played a MAJOR role in the pitching of this show and Shaunie in no way, shape, or formed controlled my contract, paycheck, or anything of the sort. The way the show was pitched is completely different than what it has become. We pitched the show as being positive and with goal oriented and career driven woman that also like to have fun while dealing with the stresses of their exes or spouses and life. Our common bond was basketball and we all had a child/children. We knew we would have arguments as women but in the end we would all come together when needed. To compare the ORIGINAL idea to a show that’s out now, I’d have to say Hollywood Exes. Yes, the BBW brand has millions of viewers and has pulled in ratings but I have to admit I wish it would’ve taken a more positive route. I take part of the blame for that myself as I was a part of the show for four seasons. With some of the ladies going into a fifth season and swearing by positivity, I can’t help but look at the members that are gone when that statement is made. I also can’t help but to realize the demographic that watches this franchise most likely isn’t the same demographic that watches Hollywood Exes. However, I wish them the best.
B. I’ve been asked to do several interviews. Some I take part in, others I do not. When a question pertaining to the show is asked I merely say, I wish them the best but I’m extremely happy I’ve moved on. When asked about my former cast members, I state whom I still speak to but in no way do I speak negatively about anyone…until now. Evelyn, have several seats and watch Netflix. I reached out to you when you got head butted and I also hugged you at the reunion (Of course that wasn’t aired…too positive). At this point I just realize you’re a lost cause.All your anger towards me is material. You speak on my clothes, but I own a house and two cars. You speak on my hair, but I can jump in the pool without worries or my mascara running. I’m naturally beautiful. :cue Phenomenal Woman poem: If you would concentrate more on what’s important in life and the legacy you will leave behind you will be a much happier person. I wonder what and where you will be when this show is over and the checks stop coming. I do see that you’ve followed in my footsteps on a few things though such as Twitter, blogging, a book series, fitness, etc. I know its hard for you to say thank you, so I’ll just say you’re welcome. You stopped filming with me because I NEVER backed down to you. I never let you treat or speak to me the way you did to Suzie or Jennifer and you didn’t like it. I was raised to stand my ground and I never let you take it from under me. Period.
C. I was NOT fired from BBW. I tried to leave season three and season four, but was negotiated into staying. For season five, I refused to take part in the ignorance and drama on purpose so it was a mutual decision. When someone tells you things aren’t going to change regardless of the backlash, you have to step back and think about whats more important…your dignity or a supplemental paycheck. I chose my dignity and I’ve never been happier. Would I ever do another reality show? Yes. Will it have drama? Of course, but it will be REAL and stem from actual events.I will never bite the hand that feeds me.I have thanked Shed Media and VH1 for giving me the opportunity to show the world who I really am. The good, the bad, and the ugly. At the end of the day (Jen voice) I still can’t dress by some standards and I hate having to do my hair unless it’s a ponytail. BUT, I’m me and I love it!
To the ladies who are on these “reality shows”… I must ask one question. What example are you setting for young ladies today? Is it more important to have Red Bottoms than a degree? Is it cooler to accept physical abuse because of money? Better yet, is your own self worth, respect and dignity less important than who you are underneath? Call me cliche but when my makeup is off, my hair is in a ponytail, and I’m merely wearing a t-Shirt and shorts, I can STILL look in my parents face and hear the words “We’re proud of you and you were raised this way.” From season one to season four I went from booty shaking to doing stage plays in NYC. I’ve matured a lot and come a long way. I still have my haters and those who will judge me based off the mistakes I’ve made. That’s life. But if I die tomorrow, I can look back on the life I lived and say “I did that!” Hahaha.
To all my fans, Thank you for following and being with me these past three years. I’ve grown a lot and I’m truly happy. My smile doesn’t come from material things and my relevancy doesn’t come from how often you see me on the internet via paparazzi or hearsay. My smile comes from my FAMILY, my real FRIENDS, and my COMPANIES. What’s even more rewarding is the fact that I’ve been relatable to so many young girls who just needed one person to show them that its okay to just be who you are. With suicide on the rise I hope I reached at least one youth today who can now be glad to say “I don’t care what you say about me because I know who I am and I love myself.” I love all of you, and whether I meet you or not just know I became who I am because I always thought of you and the image/legacy I would leave behind. With that said, goodbye 2012, and if it’s God’s will, 2013 is MY year and here I come!!!
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    One thing I have to say is that I agree with you. I like your thought. This shit has gone totally over board. Like no one wants to see a whole bunch of hood rat drama and all of that shit. All they do is fuss and fight.

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