Let’s face it, the royal family are impeccably well dressed, it’s a fact. During numerous public engagements and appearances, the royals very rarely have a hair out of place, nor do they sport smudged lipsticks, shirts not tucked in, or crumpled trousers. But sometimes (not very often, mind) they show they are just like the rest of us, proving the odd fashion faux pas can happen. We’ve rounded up all the times our  favourite royals really do keep it real; From tags left on dresses, holes in the soles of shoes, to shirts worn back to front, and muddy heels! And we have to say, from the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry to Duchess Kate and Prince William, they all style it out perfectly. 


Tags left on!


First up, we have the Duchess of Sussex, who made a fashion mistake which we have all done in our time – she left a tag on a dress. The wife of Prince Harry stunned, as always, when she arrived in Tonga back in October 2018 for the royal tour, wearing a bright red Self-Portrait dress, which had the return label hanging at the back. Whoops! The designer’s card could be seen attached from inside the skirt of her dress and we just wanted to rip it off for her…



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