Is this the year for side chicks or what??


Former boxer Roy Jones Jr side chick has exposed every little piece of him she could.

This chick name Linda, who goes by StayLo is also a boxer as well.


Check this out, she left her boyfriend of 7 years to be with Roy and then found out he was married.

Jones has purportedly broke up with girlfriend Stay Lo. On May 31, 2014 yesterday morning, Stay Lo wrote on Instagram “Wow I woke with 200 new followers “. She then on Instagram posted a screengrab of the Jiggy Jones Jr Instagram account and wrote “Since they wanna keep antagonizing lying saying I’m ’stalking’ when he pursued me … I’m sorry everyone but this means war. Check this page for 500 Exclusive pics texts and more video soon”. She added “Lol” and the hashtag “should just say sorry.”

 Jones is saying that the side chick is nothing more, than a groupie racist chick.

Check out the txt messages below:



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