I was in shock when I heard this……Romeo Miller, Master P’s son, says he love his mother but she needs to be a better parent.


Master P and his wife are going through a nasty divorce and now Mrs P wants $67 million of her estranged husband’s money.

Sonya say’s says that P has 31 properties (spread across Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia), 13 cars (Rolls Royce, a green Bentley, a Porsche, a Jag, 2 Escalades & More), 45 companies and more and she’s seeking 40% of it.  In legal docs recently filed, Sonya estimates that the total value of community assets from the marriage at $178,743,300.

Sonya Is Seeking

8 of Master P’s 31 Properties

1 of their 3 large chandeliers (valued around $300,000)

$54 Million of Master P’s “No Limit Records”

$10 Million of Master P’s “Make Em Say Ugh” Energy Drink

Romeo was stopped by the paparazzi who asked him about his mother’s demands. “Honestly, I love my mom to death,” Romeo told TMZ. “But we gotta just work some things out. She gotta be a better parent, you know?”

Check out the video below:

Her $28,000 Wedding Dress

One of Master P’s Escalades

Leaving Master P with $111,095,500.

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