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Romeo Miller is defending his relationship with his white girlfriend, revealing he has no preference of skin color when it comes to the ladies. Find out what he said about dating women of all colors, his life in comparison of the hit drama series “Empire” and how he was “catfished” back in the day….

A few months ago we introduced you to Romeo Miller’s new girlfriend Toneata Morgan, a pageant queen from California. Since then, the son of Hip Hop mogul Master P claims he has received tons of hate mail due to the fact that his girlfriend is white. In fact, he responded to some of the “hate” via an Instagram post where he put up a pic of himself and his girl and captioned, “That face you make when you take a selfie w/your white gf and you thinking about all the racist comments that’s bout to be under your comments lol.”

Well….he’s still defending his interracial relationship publicly. The all grown up (and sexy) Miller son stopped by “The Meredith Vieira Show” recently to address the negative backlash he has received since putting his love for his new boo on front street.

He said,

“It’s crazy to think in 2015 when I start posting pictures of me and my girl, obviously I’m black, she’s white, a lot of hate mail & hate comments was on there. It’s just sad because honestly, anybody who knows me, I’ve dated girls as black as Akon and as white as Casper. It’s all about the heart. She’s the one who captured my heart. She could have been blue, green or yellow.”


Check it below:

He also talked about his life in comparison to the hit FOX series “Empire”:

And he also admitted he was once “catfished” back in the MySpace days. He said when he was about 12-13- years old he fell alove with a chick from Sweden, only to find out the person he was talking to was not the person in her profile pictures. Check it:

Photo: Meredith Vieira Show/Romeo’s IG

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