The British singer Rita Ora get’s trashed for a photo she posted on Instagram, in which she appears holding fake gold guns with Adrienne Bailon and Cassie.


The gold guns were presumably just going along with the theme of Cassie’s new mixtape RockaByeBaby, wherein on the cover art she clutches a gold gun. The title itself is culled from a scene in the film New Jack City, which if you aren’t familiar with, you should probably go watch.

Several Instagram followers commented on the photo, with one named ‘mitchacarter’ blasting her: ‘You are an idiot. Young children look up to you. Fake or not, promoting guns to look ‘cool’ is totally out of order.’

Another named ‘benjiman21’ wrote: ‘Lets promote gun crime. #d**khead #stupid #dumb #unnecessary #notcool #thinkaboutwhatyouredoing #influential #useyourpowerwell.’

Commenters also took the time to point out that Bailon and Ora both happen to be ex-girlfriends of the same guy, Rob Kardashian. It’s good to see these ladies are cool knowing that fact though.
Adrienne dated and lived with Rob from 2007 until 2009, while Rita split from the reality star last December after a very stormy long-distance romance.

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