British Albanian singer Rita Ora covers the July 2013 cover of Interview Germany Magazine.


Check out what Rita had to say:

On her childhood: ”We lived in a council flat in Ladbroke Grove. My mum worked as a cleaning lady and caught up on her studies in the evenings. My dad took on every job he could get. He worked like mad. But then, at some point, he had saved up enough to open his first pub.”

On the phone call that changed her life: “I was just looking for a pair of sneakers for a client when my manager called me and said: ‘Rita, somebody wants to speak to you.’ The guy on the other end of the line said: ‘We saw you perform in London, Jay-Z likes your songs. Do you feel like coming to New York?’ – I was speechless but then said: ‘How nice of you to call but I’ll have to save some money first to be able to afford the flight.’ The guy just started laughing. They had already reserved the flight and booked the hotel.”

On meeting Jay-Z: ”(Jay-Z) said Hello – and just in that moment, one of his bodyguards stepped on my shoes. Brand new Air Jordans…so I knelt down to rub them clean, ‘cause that’s what you’re supposed to do. But Jay-Z grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me up and went: ‘Don’t ever do that. Come with me.’ And then…we went sneaker shopping. A whole suitcase of sneakers!”




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