Rihanna was treated like a rock star when she touched down at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, South Korea with her BFF Melissa early this morning while we were sleeping.

She seemed a little startled at the turn out as she waved at fans before jumping into a waiting SUV.

According to the London’s Daily Mirror (via Faded Youth), Rihanna almost got her head bashed in at a Super Bowl after party in Miami on Sunday.

The messy scene went down when Riri was chilling with a drink at Miami’s Liv club with reality star Kim Kardashian and music producer Timbaland. Within moments, five huge bottles of champagne fell down from the balcony above, one just missing Rihanna as it smashed on the floor. The troublemakers shouted ‘”Touchdown!” as each bottle shattered on the floor.

In an act of revenge, a person from Rihanna’s crew retaliated by throwing a bottle of their own –which only prompted an even bigger bottle to be hurled from above.

Finally, security poured in, blasting: “Everybody get the f*ck out! Super Bowl is ruined.”

A frightened and screaming Rihanna was ushered away.

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