Rihanna offering special edition of new album for $250, and fans are venting their outrage at the cost.  RiRi will release her sixth studio album on Nov. 16, and die hard fans are particularly being targeted with the $250 deluxe version, which is said to be a “limited edition art piece for a true collector,” according to Us Magazine. Fans our going in on social networking site Twitter, where Rihanna’s $250 deluxe album has been a hot topic.

Check out what  “Nicki G” tweeted:

“I don’t know who thought it was a good idea for Rihanna to sell her album for $250 … People are hardly buying albums for $10 anymore,”
Amy tweeted:
“$250 for Rihanna’s album … does it come with plane tickets and a personal meet and greet op? We’re not all millionaires Rihanna #think

The limited edition box will be available on December 11.

The album Unapologetic hit stores on November 19.

Gumbumpers, would you pay $250?

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