Rihanna has been named in a law suit launched against Gucci by a former employee, who is claiming that she was told to ‘tax the hell out of’ the singer – for being Barbadian.

Josephine Robinson, a tax lawyer, claims she was asked to find a way to withhold 30 per cent of Rihanna’s fee for her Gucci Tattoo Heart campaign in 2008, when her boss discovered she was from the Caribbean.

The former Gucci employee also claims she suffered ‘an unrelenting barrage of racist comments and jokes’ from high-level officials, including her boss. After making complaints about the racist behaviour of her co-workers she was sacked.

These claims come as the New York Post obtained details of the lawsuit made by Josephine, who describes herself as a ‘dark-skinned West Indian Latina.

Her lawyer stated: ‘It is shocking that top level officials of a company as esteemed as Gucci would behave in such an inappropriate manner.


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