Check out Maybach Music’s owner Rick Ross & Wale covering the latest issue of BILLBOARD Magazine. Issue will hit newsstands next week.

On Jay-Z:

“I’ve most definitely been a fan of Hov and his whole movement,” Ross says of Jay-Z. “He gave a blueprint to a lot of young entrepreneurs, as well as Wayne, with how active Wayne is with artists. There’s a lot of different approaches, but at the end of the day, we’ve . . . just got to be hands-on and walk our own path.”

On New Album God Forgives, I Dont:

In the meantime, Ross is still firing on all cylinders, spending marathon studio sessions tweaking “God Forgives” and other projects. He’s a tireless worker, literally — longtime manager Alex “Gucci Pucci” Bethune says that he and Ross usually get about three hours of sleep per night. Ross is constantly thinking, talking and tweeting about MMG, and wants “God Forgives” to pack the epic scope of a Brian De Palma film — hence the title.

“This album is almost like a movie,” Ross says. “I wanted [the title] to be something that was extremely emotional, to set up a real roller coaster ride as far as the music and thought process. It sounds like a term of retaliation, and with the picture that I’m painting, it felt perfect.”

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