A 36-year-old woman named Tyrisha Childers filed the paternity suit against Rick Rossin Broward County, Florida,TMZ.com reports. The woman claims that Ross fathered her three-year-old child and is not paying up.  Childers says she has a zero income, aside from a $694 per month disability payment

TMZ reports:

According to the docs, Childers needs all the help she can get — with zero income apart from $694 a month in disability payments. Worse, Childers claims she has absolutely no money in the bank.

But Ross filed his own response soon after — claiming he never even slept with Childers … let alone got her pregnant … and he wants to prove it with a DNA test.


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  1. Thats right Mr. Ross man up and prove it with a DNA test.. that will set all these people str8.. you never know who lying.. men lie, women lie, kids lie and babies.. oh oops.. babies dont lie.. my bad!!

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