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Rick Ross has a new chick…or so it seems. But he was with “social media entrepreneur” Ming Lee a month ago. Oh well….let’s meet Lira Galore inside.

Rick Ross moves fast. How fast? He switches up on chicks in less than 30 days. Is it because he has less weight on his shoulders? Shout out to “Ross Fit”.

So, there’s a new chick on the scene and in the arms of Rick Ross and her name is Lira Galore. She comes with the normal credentials. She’s a “model” “actress” “hosts parties” and most of her Instagram is full of shots of her in various stages of undress, full of T & A. If she’s got a good church home…we can’t tell. But she let’s you know she’s got that a$$…..

Rick posted the above pic of her saying “Look back at it….” OH?!

Less than 30 days ago, Rick was sipping on the hella expensive bottled stuff, Luc Belaire, (that he’s always bragging about) with Ming Lee for his birthday. Literally….less than 30 days ago. Sigh…we hope she kept the receipts for anything he bought her.

Now, Lira (shown atop) is sitting at the table…next to Rick…sippin’ Rose. And she’s partying with all his friends including Fabolous and Keyshia Cole. Did you spot them at the club this past weekend? If not, check it out here. Lira is definitely in the mix. In some way.

When a man starts losing weight and feeling himself…you gotta watch ’em.

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