Mikey AK – real name Mike Akinfe – is a young emcee from Washington, DC. Although Mikey grew up in Maryland’s ghettos, he understood the importance of keeping his head on straight. Avoiding the negative influence of street life, Akinfe discovered his passion for poetry. This passion followed him to Arizona, where he attended Grand Canyon University. It was at GCU where friends began suggesting to Mikey that he add music – beats – to his poetry. The rest, as they say, is history. And history is exactly what Mikey AK is trying to make.

Rather than setting his sites solely on fame and riches, Mikey wants to make a difference with his music. Just because you were raised in the ghetto doesn’t mean you need to fall into the street life. Through music, Mikey offers up an example of hope and determination to everyone growing up in situations similar to his own. With six mixtapes and an EP already under his belt, Mikey AK drops off his latest contribution to the music world, While You Wait 2.

Hit the cut for the track list, stream, download link and the Straight Fresh review.

Straight Fresh

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