Cameron’s house is getting a facelift.
But it’s not because he sent a vintage Ferrari soaring through the garage’s glass facade.

The Ben Rose House in Highland Park, influenced by Chicago architect Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, was built in 1953. The iconic mid-century modern home was featured in 1986’s “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and is under new ownership.
After its original owner died in 2009, a couple purchased the home in 2014 and hired Galena-based architectural firm Baranski, Hammer, Moretta and Sheehy to restore it.
In an interview with the Galena Gazette, the firm’s Jim Baranski said the home carries historical significance in the architecture world aside from its notable role in the classic ’80s film.
“The architectural significance is the part that really is the most satisfying,” he told the newspaper. “The cultural aspect is more of a fun aside. It’s something to tell people, ‘Hey, this is cool, we’re working on Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller.’”
Baranski said the new homeowners are making a statement by restoring the home after it languished on the market for several years.
“I think they’re trying to make a point,” Baranski told the Gazette. “They feel these buildings are important buildings and they wanted to prove that these buildings can be restored.”
Baranski says the original home did not have a garage–that was built in 1974 to showcase the owner’s vintage car collection (just like Cameron’s dad chose to do, for better or worse).
After the restoration is complete, the Gazette reports, the historic North Shore home will have four bedrooms, three baths, a two-car garage and will measure at approximately 5,000 square feet.
Take a look at some of the before and after photos of the property below.