Noted anti-violence activist Rev. Michael Pfleger invited President Donald Trump Friday to hear resident’s concerns about city violence at his church on the city’s South Side.

Trump tweeted Tuesday that he would “send in the feds” if Chicago could not find a solution to its “carnage” in 2017.

“President Trump, since you say you’re concerned…I INVITE YOU TO ST. SABINA TO SIT DOWN WITH THE COMMUNITY AND LISTEN TO OUR CONCERNS ABOUT THE VIOLENCE AND WHAT’S NEEDED….” Pfleger said in a Facebook post.

Pfleger also touched on the Trump administration’s contentious relationship with the press, saying that Trump and his cabinet are “trying to control our thinking and the American conversation through tweets and pure lies…..NO IT’S NOT ALTERNATIVE FACTS…IT’S LIES….let’s not take the bait…rather let’s call a lie a lie and demand Truth.”

Pfleger also responded to Trump’s tweet about Chicago violence and sending in “the Feds” Tuesday.

“If it’s federal resources, don’t wait… SEND THEM NOW!” Pfleger wrote. “If he’s talking about federal troops, stop-and-frisk and militarized police, which I believe he is… ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

He added that all Chicago officials, police, business leaders, churches and communities need to “stop this or expect soldiers on our streets.”

Pfleger will speak at Howard University on Sunday and say he will make another announcement about inviting Trump St. Sabina then as well as sending a letter on Monday.

Published 2 hours ago


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