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Can you believe it’s been 6 years since the last sensation of musical swag came from our boy, Justin Timberlake? I didn’t realize time was moving this fast. Looks like I need to get my act together and start accomplishing some goals, which is exactly what has been the most recent activity for Timberlake. Wedding bells were on the horizon and he tied the knot with the WB Family channel 7th Heaven star Jessica Biel in Fasano, Italy. How romantic…really though. Italy is my dream vacation. To rewind the tape back the last that we have seen Timberlake he was showcasing his acting chops in various movies: Bad Teacher, which I saw by the way, Friends With Benefits, and In Time. On the music side of things there was his duet with Ciara “Love Sex  Magic” from L.P. Fantasy Ride and T.I. “Dead And Gone” from L.P. Paper Trail back in 2009.

The attire from the MTV promo video with lyrics I caught on MTV News UK reflects the image of what his dashing and handsome look could have been like after the wedding for the “after party” or reception. The debonair spruced up suit undone, jacket thrown over the shoulder or chair somewhere, tie undone  hanging loosely around the neck, and the crisp white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up. This is a particularly new-look associated with the polished sharp dressing male steppin’ out for a special occasion. Of course this young generation is all about adding a slight “off-edge” or unhinged flair to a traditional way of anything -whether it be clothes, words, or a state of mind. J.T. took a mean left with his turn, much like Ne-Yo from the usual urban “suit” of the times to a more distinguished, sophisticated look which Ne-Yo described as his 2008 third studio album Year Of The Gentleman and justifiably a new-age movement for young men of this generation. –Going Back To Basics

Producer, Song-writer, and Rapper Timbaland  somewhat slows down the flow for a dragged out lyrical affect until it starts to speed up with the classic J.T. rhythm. In my opinion Justin pulls from a classic, old school throwback. He has soul for a white boy, which is why a category was coined for white boys with mad swag just like him, “blue-eyed” soul. Without looking gimmicky or put-together he manages to look and sound authentic with this style of music. Hailing from the country roots of Memphis, Tennessee it is a pleasant surprise how he connected more to the soulful branch of music rather than the country. What amazes me is how he pulled this off from his starting point with Pop boy band N’ Sync. I guess he was just waiting to go solo to surprise us. I bought his debut album Justified and thoroughly enjoyed it. Before I bought the album I was diggin’ his swag and dancing in the videos “Like I Love You” and “Rock Your Body”. The very first song, “Senorita” was also a great song to entice listeners to keep on going down the track list.

I hear there’s going to be a video for the song with Jay-Z. From a photo preview on MTV News UK he’s rocking the classy suit and tie with J.T. Even though these two songs have absolutely nothing to do with each other I’m visualizing the video and hearing Hov featuring Pharrell “Change Clothes”. I guess the feeling is based on THE “Fabulous and Appealing” – sexy women that cause awe. It’s catchy and flows well so it’s sure to gain attention from many listeners and likes from many J.T. fans who have been missing his work for quite some time. His third studio album The 20/20 Experience will be available March 19, as shown lyrically in the video stated above. “Suit & Tie” I’m sure is the overall theme and vibe of this album so hang in there until Spring. Justin Timberlake never fails to impress.


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