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Earlier this week, the home of Redskins baller DeSean Jackson suffered a home invasion…and cops believe a gang was involved! Get the deets on the botched robbery (which included a pistol-whipping) inside…..

When you upgrade your life, you also need to upgrade the company you keep. Washington Redskins balled DeSean Jackson is going to learn this the hard way. On Wednesday, DeSean’s home in Tarzana, California was broken into by several men…while DeSean’s “friends” were home. Follow this closely…

DeSean Jackson, who has a reality show on BET called “Home Team” and is expecting a child with girlfriend Kayla Phillips, is away in Virgina practicing with the Washington Redskins. So….who’s living at his house?

Police say 4 to 5 people stormed the home with guns while there were roughly 6 people inside. But…..the guys inside “FOUGHT” back. While no one got shot, cops are reporting that one of the “residents” was beat with a pistol. #highlysuspect

According to TMZ, investigators believe the intruders had been in the home before because they knew EXACTLY where the security cameras were placed. They also believe that the incident was gang related, but DeSean was not the target. Reportedly it was someone staying inside the home.

From what we can gather, DeSean knows as much about the home invasion as we do. His publicist Denise White told TMZ “DeSean is getting ready to be a father for the first time. He’s currently in Virginia practicing with the team. He had no knowledge of the incident until a phone call last evening. It’s a legal matter. We’re waiting for police to let us know more about the incident.”

A little backstory….

For those unfamiliar with DeSean, published a profile of the baller that shined a detailed light on his shaky and alleged affiliations with LA-gang members. While growing up on the rough streets of LA, it was clear that he had a talent – football. But even after he got a scholarship to the University of California, Berkeley, he couldn’t seem to shake off the leeches and friends from childhood. By this point, most of them were in gangs. Maybe DeSean was trying to “keep it real” and prove to the boys on the block that he hadn’t changed. In fact, his friends were the reason he got dumped from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Word of advice DeSean, this sounds like an inside job (much like the Chris Brown robbery). In our (un)professional opinion, it’s all highly suspect. #justsaying. If we were investigating, we’d start with the fellas “staying” in your home.

We sincerely hope DeSean gets this together before Kayla gives birth…..

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