In the past, Remy Ma has been open about her fertility struggle. On the last season of Love & Hip Hop New York, she shared with viewers her ectopic pregnancy, which is a condition where the baby attaches itself to the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus.

After realizing that all women may not have the financial needs to afford the treatment when it comes to conceiving, she was inspired to start a fund where she can help out those women.

Remy Ma sat down with Essence, where she talked about her new fund she is trying to start. She said, “I’m trying to start my own fund right now, so that women who are like me, or have a similar situation to me, but they can’t afford it, could possibly get these procedures done and have children, because as a woman, that’s one of the things that you can do that no other being can do.”

She also talked about politicians who say they’re pro-life, but have yet to make the effort to use health insurance to help fund treatment for women who can’t conceive but want to be mothers.

She continued, “If you’re pro-life, why would you not set up something so women who can’t conceive and women who want to be to be mothers and women who want to have children can do so?”


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