I guess I can’t knock Amber’s hustle… she kicked it with a high profile, complicated rapper and in turn is going full force into her own lane of stardom…. golly geez, maybe I’m in the wrong line of bizness.. help me out! Recently, some bloggers have been saying that Amber is FAT, she took to her twitter account to address it and she also announced her new radio show with the Jamie Foxx crew. Check it.

I’m 5’9 148. How am I fat? Man, what have I done so wrong? Be [too] nice? I just don’t get it.’

But not long after she deleted the tweet. why?
Jamie Foxx went and gave Amber her own “sexy” radio show.

What it will be about? Who knows. But Foxxhole is known for keeping things comedic and inappropriate. The tweets from Amber and Jamie:

Miami Heat tickets

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