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There seems to be many similarities between Regina Hall and her character Trista in the upcoming LIFETIME original film With This Ring. One is that she and her friends once made a similar vow, in real life, to get married by a certain time.  She’s still single, so things obviously didn’t go as planned.  But maybe it worked that way for a reason.


Find out what she dished inside….

Some of us know this struggle all too well. You’ve graduated from school feeling invincible, finally receiving that degree you busted your a** for. You end up landing the perfect job and your career begins to take off. Everything just seems to be falling into place, except one thing: a non-existent love life.

All of that hard work you put in for the “perfect life” and there’s still one missing link. A scenario actress Regina Hall can definitely relate to.

The 44-year-old gorgeous YBF chick stars as Trista in LIFETIME’s upcoming rom-com With This Ring, in her first lead role.  She’s a successful talent agent who eventually realizes everything is great in her professional life, but her love life is… lackluster, for lack of a better word. So she decides to make a vow with her three bestfriends to be married in 1 year.

How fitting to be playing such a role, being that she, too, made a pact with a group of her friends to be married by a certain age.

“I made that vow,” Regina tells during a call this week. ” I have been like ‘by this time next year we’re going to be married’. But, I clearly didn’t stick to it, so I must have came to the same conclusion that she did.”

She added, “Well, I mean, I am a woman who is still single”.

Being a woman these days, it seems you always have to choose between an amazing career or finding a husband and starting a family. Yes, we realize some women were blessed to have both.  But many women struggle with trying to find that balance of being the best at what you do AND having a love life.

To this Regina says we shouldn’t have to wait to be happy:

“I certainly resonate with this, especially as a black woman, you know, we can’t wait to be happy.”

Be sure to tune into With This Ring, also starring Jill Scott and Eve Cooper, when it premieres Saturday, January 24th at 8/7c on LIFETIME.


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