After this video was release a day before the Super Bowl, Reggie Bush’s jump-off Carmen Ortega is pisst that everyone is calling her what she is. From her statement today with HoneyMag.

 “Earlier this week, a video surfaced on the web, showing me a private tour of New Orleans Saints player, Reggie Bush’s home.  The published blog post about the video have painted me as everything from a “thirsty ho”, to “jump off” to “escort” These names aren’t insulting, for they’re not true. During that time, we both were in serious relationships with other people, but we had an “understanding” Unfortunately, things hit the fan when Reggie’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, found out about our secret relationship”

I want to use this column, for honey, as an opportunity to express how deeply hurt and betrayed I feel. I am shocked and disappointed to see that on the eve of Reggie’s biggest day, his team’s Super bowl win, the private video I took months ago had surfaced.  I believe it was leaked by a former trusted friend and colleague, for personal gain. It wasn’t my intention for that video to hit the net of distract Reggie from his amazing day. I have moved on from that experience – and still am.

This too shall pass


Carmen Ortega

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