Damn TWITTER has become a platform for airing dirty laundry. Last night the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired. For days rumors were buzzing about Kim puting her ex Reggie Bush on blast.

In the clip, she calls the NFL star tells Kim, “It is what it is, you are on your own now… I just felt like…the sh*t was literally driving me crazy”.

In another scene on that episode, where Reggie yells at Kim because the car wash charged him when she took her car to get washed. When confronting Kim about it, she told him they made the mistake because they both drive the same type of car. When Kim got off the phone with Reggie, she told her sisters that he said “Don’t ever call me again. Don’t ever f*cking charge a car wash to me again. You can have Miles Austin pay for it”.

But that clearly did not sit well with NFL star who wrote on his Twitter page and said “I kinda feel like the government right now! Lol! Man if they only knew what I knew about you!”

“‘Don’t make me expose you to those people who don’t know you…’ -Jay Z (subliminal tweets),” he wrote.

Reggie the Saints need you, so hurry back from your knee injury, stop worrying about Kim K.

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  1. What is he going to expose, we already know her A$$ is FAKE. Shit he knew she wasn't shit when he met her, and they talk about Black Women!

  2. She just wants folks to think he is so jealous of her… she us too fake and he probably is just mad because she put him out there like that… well Reggie , we tried to tell you.. you need a real woman! not a fke butt injected , botox up broad!

  3. She is such a damn lame and childish wack butt broad.. Come on Reggie.. tell what you know on her.. im waiting. 1 2 3 …. bet part of it is how often she gets her butt injected. LOL!!

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