When I say men can be some of the boldest creatures on earth, I tell ya! I tell ya! Nelly and Ashanti ain’t been broke up that damn long for him to be flossing and flaunting his Boo thang in the club. Look I’oono what happened with Nelly & Ashanti up close and personal but, I do know that she held him down for a gazillion-YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSS and he went a LONG time hiding her publicly before he claimed her as his ‘lover.’


I know she’s burning up! –LOL or maybe not, Ashanti I’m sure has options… But, anywhoo… Nelly and his rumored Boo thang ‘Tae Heckard‘ were spotted coupled up in an Atlanta club this past weekend. Tae is cute and all but, I hope she doesn’t put too much stake in whatever it is. Cuz honey boo-boo he may not commit!

Peep the pics….Gumbumpers what’s your take?

Tae Nelly

Nelly Tae

Tae Middle Finger

tae nelly atl

ATL Tae Nelly


  1. Tae looking for a come up. These ‘modeling’ gigs only last but for so long. Nelly will have his fun, but i am willing to bet it wont last long. He’ll be after Ashanti again…

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