#Roommates, we have to talk about this crazy story! We all do some dumb stuff here and there but some stuff is just inexcusable. A young man robbed somebody at gunpoint, and ended up running off with their phone.

Anthony Sorrells, 18, must’ve been so hungry to the point that he just couldn’t wait any longer because he thought it was a good idea to order himself some food off of UberEats. Y’all know people have trackers on the phones nowadays so after he ordered his food off of the stolen device, it was only a matter of time before police tracked him down and arrested him.

He was hit with two counts of armed robbery at a hearing in the Leighton Criminal Courthouse, according to FOX 32.


“Anthony approached a 16-year-old boy from behind, placed a silver-colored Beretta pistol to the back of the boy’s head and demanded his belongings.”

“He took the boy’s phone and belt and then left,” prosecutors said.

When police found Anthony, he was wearing the stolen belt! They were able to track him down by “tracking credit card information uploaded from the Uber Eats app on the victims phone.”

What’s interesting about this is that Anthony was already out on bond for a burglary case, so the judge was left with no choice but to deny him bond.

“One minute the victim is walking down the street and then he’s looking down the business end of a pistol,” Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. said.

Anthony is due back in court on Nov. 16.

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