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Porsha Williams and her new ta-tas has a few harsh words for her “RHOA” star Claudia Jordan, whom she deems a “has been.”  Read the shade inside…

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On this week’s episode of “RHOA” Claudia Jordan insinuated that Porsha Williams was sleeping with a married-African prince in exchange for money, shoes, an $80K handbag and her car.  Now….Porsha is popping off on Claudia (who has also been accused in the rumor mill for using rich and famous men for a comeuppance) in the latest edition of OK! Magazine.  In the column, titled “Porsha’s Piece of Mind “, the Naked Hair spokeswoman responds to a series of questions while throwing shade at the new “mini Kenya” (as she called her), Claudia Jordan.

How did you feel when Claudia accused you of sleeping with men for gifts during her argument with NeNe?

Porsha Williams: Claudia’s attack was out of nowhere and I’ll always pray for my enemies and hope they find peace in their lives. She and I were not necessarily considered friends, but I had never spoken ill towards her, of her or tried to call her out. We had a professional relationship at Radio/Dish Nation. I know she wanted more of a friendship, but I have said previously I didn’t feel right about opening up to her. Claudia had already told me she had gotten fired from her show in New York and could no longer afford her lifestyle. She basically burned some bridges, had a lot of professional let downs and no love life, which led her straight to Atlanta. RHOA was her last shot at the stardom she desired. If you add up all that heartbreak and shattered dreams that will leave you a thirsty 41-year-old has-been. Claudia is a “Mini Kenya” just as I predicted when we met, even though she swore that her friendship with Kenya would not affect her actions towards me but clearly that was a lie. I just wish she would get her facts straight.

Did you sleep with a married man like Claudia and Kenya claim?

PW: Since my tumultuous relationship and divorce from Kordell, I’ve chosen to keep my personal life as quiet as possible. I am in no way in a relationship or have I ever been in a relationship with a married man. I stated on the show several times that during the filming period. I was in long-distance relationship with a professional football player. That relationship didn’t work out, but every girl on the cast was aware we were involved. Anytime I answered a question about who and how my boo and I were doing, Kenya and Claudia’s interview would pop up and finish my sentence with lies.

Why do you think Claudia is talking bad about you in her confessional?

PW: I’ve learned that sometimes when women are envious of other women they will project their past onto them by any means like calling me all the names that have followed Claudia and Kenya their entire careers such as whore, gold digger, home wrecker etc. Claudia believes if she can slander my name it will make her look better and distract people from Googling her and her shady past. I would love for Claudia to live in her truth and find out what went wrong and why she’s so mad. Don’t attack me and instead be a sister and support. She is definitely succeeding as Bravo’s resident mean girl with green eyes full of envy.


Messy boots.  This reunion will be full of ramen noodles, bunyuns and parting gifts from African princes…


Despite previous reports saying that it looked as though ‘R&B Divas’ was over, Executive Producer Phil Thorton has spoken out about rumors the TV ONE cancelled “R&B Divas Atlanta. He said,

“R&B Divas Atlanta has not been cancelled. There has been no definitive decision made by the network. Yeah, contracts have expired. We have not renewed any of the cast contracts. That’s no secret. We’re in discussions now, but the show is absolutely not cancelled. I was on the phone with the network today and the show is absolutely not cancelled.”


Photos via Porsha’s Instagram/Demetria McKinney’s Instagram

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