Kenya Moore sat down on Andy Cohen’s couch last night after the RHOA big-fight disaster and addressed what happened. Many people are blaming NeNe Leakes for instigating this big melee and honey, she’s not buying into it. Kandi woman’d up, came back and apologized for acting a fool but, NeNe will not own up to starting this mess. IMO… I’m not a big Kenya Moore fan but, HONEY if anyone, MAN or WOMAN gets up out of their seat while addressing me, of course I won’t be a fool and stay seated on a floor. Kenya should have gotten up but, not walked towards Christopher’s wife. He did grab her and that’s when all the isssh hit the fan! Apollo was wayyyyyyyyyyyy outta line for jumping on Brandon like that. But again, we’re talking about NeNe and Kenya here. So, Kenya went to visit Andy Cohen to talk about the situation.

Kenya moore


Andy took a poll via Twitter and most fingers were pointed at NeNe.

nene rhoa

Peep what Keyna Moore stated last night:

Wow so @kandi can be justified 4 being upset bc some1 touched her but no one can see it was my same argument? Wow these girls #RHOA…How can someone charge someone in 6 inch heels? I casually walked… And how is every girl making jokes out of the situation? #RHOA…Cameras don’t lie! He grabbed my arm and tried to snatch me up! #Imdone

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore are no longer friends, Kenya Moore says she’s disappointed but she understand because Nene is jealous of her. Kenya States:

I don’t back down on her. I came in last season, when I felt like she had moved on from the show…I think she views me as her replacement. I think that is causing her to flip on me…because she doesn’t have the Hollywood jobs anymore. I can’t help but be fabulous. It’s who I am….We all have blessings coming our way and you can’t go out of your way to sabotage people….It was more to it. This is a woman I consider to be my friend…I spent Thanksgiving with her…I was a NeNe fan. We were very friendly and I was happy with the way our friendship was developing.






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