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A group of 6th graders just dropped the most fire bars of 2017. Somebody turn this into a Hip Hop Awards cypher, the kids need a new anthem (and rappers who don’t mumble).

It’s been proven music makes education more fun and definitely more impactful. And it takes a bomb teacher to take the time to incorporate it into their students’ lives, in a way they can relate. Meet Terrance Sims, a 6th grade teacher in Wisconsin who moonlights as a photographer.

While he’s on his grind in his professional life, he’s clearly making sure his middle schoolers at Milwaukee Excellence Charter School are on their educational grind in the classroom.

Mr. Sims posted up his YBF students’ first music video, and the lyrics are all about being kings and queens, grinding in school and focusing on college and beyond:




It’s been a while in the making. He showed how the students came up with their own bars in class over the last month:

We comin’

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Just a sneak peek

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When you write your own rhymes in between math and social studies and still go viral…


By the way, he’s got more where that came from. He also shot a Black is Be-you-tiful rap video with 4th graders set to Kendrick Lamar‘s “Alright”:



And apparently shut down hateration in the school hallway danceree at his previous school last spring:



Get it!

Thanks for all that you’re doing, Mr. Sims!


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