Real Housewives stars Vicki Gunvalson, Ramona Singer, Caroline Manzo, Kyle Richards, and NeNe Leakes are all featured in the January 13 2012 issue of The Hollywood Reporter Magazine.


Would anyone like a glass of wine?” asks Ramona Singer, the petite, blonde and manic star of Bravo’sThe Real Housewives of New York. It’s lunchtime, and the Pinot Grigio-guzzling 54-year-old — known for her erratic onscreen behavior and unfiltered commentary — is doubling (not at anyone’s request, mind you) as an on-set bartender during an Oct. 17 photo shoot for this publication.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes (a new player to the wine industry herself) stifles a laugh before turning her attention to more important matters — like choosing the right six-inch Christian Louboutin heels from a collection an assistant is pulling out of a Louis Vuitton roller bag.

“I made it very classic, so it outlives the show,” Singer continues, pouring a glass for a Bravo publicist who reluctantly accepts before offering a sample to Caroline Manzo (New Jersey) and Vicki Gunvalson (Orange County). Both decline, barely looking up from their phones.

Kyle Richards (Beverly Hills) breaks from describing her new book (Kyle Richards: Life Is Not a Reality Show) to stare wide-eyed at Singer, who fluffs her shoulder-length coif and struts through a sea of 25-plus groomers, stylists and assistants, leaving a trail of half-empty plastic wine glasses in her wake.

The scene is a cocktail of uncomfortable and funny, with a sprinkling of car crash on top.

These women aren’t only being catty on TV just for fame purposes. They actually make a pretty penny doing so:

Bravo offers each of the Housewives an unparalleled opportunity to develop her own brand. Combined, the Housewives have published more than a dozen books; received product details from makeup and jewelry to sex toys and alcohol; average well over 100,000 Twitter followers (Atlanta‘s Leakes has nearly 600,000); and receive an approximate six-figure salary each season (the New York cast is drawing a $250,000 payday for season five) — not movie-star money, but steady income for people arguably of limited talent.

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