Crystal says that Benny brought her name into it for spite. She says Benny is the one who stated that Carmon & Todd were messing around. She also says that she tried to tell Kandi about it but Kandi will not take her call. Crystal says that she still loves Mama Joyce but she isn’t the one who told Mama Joyce about Carmeo & Todd.



Peep the video:

The messiness continues……….

kandi and todd

If you need a recap:

Here’s how it went down: The “people in the streets” who have been giving Mama Joyce her false information about Carmon and Todd’s secret affair are apparently Benny, an associate of Kandi’s, and Benny’s girlfriend, Crystal. Crystal told Mama Joyce that not only were Carmon and Todd having an affair, but that Kandi caught them. When Carmon heard that, she called Crystal and told her what was up. And then…Mama Joyce called Carmon. I can really only do her voicemail justice with a full transcript: Carmon. What the f–k you call Crystal for? You know that sh-t damn true. But I’ll tell you one thing, you put your hands on that girl, I’m gonna drag your ass up and down the damn street like you was a damn rag. I wish to hell you would put your hands on that girl you old lowdown heifer.

I wish I had access to that emoji where the eyes are bugging out, because I really have no words, but that is definitely what my face was doing the whole time Mama Joyce’s message played. But Carmon has more! Benny also told her that Mama Joyce offered to pay him if he took Todd out with a bunch of women and got incriminating pictures of him. You know, like a psychopath bent on the destruction of her daughter’s happiness.

Kandi decides she needs to fill Todd in and he asks Carmon to join them to get all of the details. They gang up on her a little, but I think it’s with the right intentions. Todd basically tells her that not only can he not take this forever, but no partner will be ever be able to fit in her life with the current way Mama Joyce tries to control her. Kandi gets upset at the bluntness of his approach at first, but eventually comes around to asking their suggestions for resolving this. Todd recommends she go to counseling to start trying to understand her feelings and Carmon says once she can understand herself, she can better understand how to deal with her mom.

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