Such sad news, “Real Chance Of Love” star Ahmad “Real” Givens has been battling colon cancer and is sadly back on chemotherapy.


According to TMZ, Real is once again back on chemotherapy after doctors discovered that his tumors had spread.

Real uploaded an Instagram post to share the port he had to have surgically inserted in his arm because his “veins were getting beat up from the chemo.” The port is how he’ll receive further treatment.

His former reality TV co-star and brother, Chance, told TMZ that doctors have taken him off medical marijuana because the tumors in his lungs have grown. Chance said his brother hasn’t let the news get him down.

Last year, Real announced that he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. In December, he underwent surgery to have tumors removed but doctors discovered that their diagnosis was wrong and Real was suffering from rectal cancer, TMZ reports.

Earlier in the year, the VH1 star was said to be doing a lot better and on his way to recovery.

“Things have been rough lately.Im on stronger chemo now so its kickin my butt a little bit. But I’m fighting thru it,” Real tweeted to his followers in September.

Real, a husband and father, says he is committed to beating the disease.

Let us PRAY for Ahmad ‘Real’ Givens!!!

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