According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 37-year-old Kia Yvette Jeffries isn’t expected to face charges in the shooting death of her husband — a former professional boxer named Ernest “M16″ Mateen early Tuesday, police said.

Investigators believe Kia Yvette Jeffries was acting in self-defense when she shot Earnest Mahir Abdul-Mateen, 46, around 4:40 a.m. at the Extended Stay Deluxe, near Duluth, Cpl. Jake Smith with Gwinnett police said.

Officers arriving at the Venture Drive hotel found Jeffries outside with serious injuries to her head and face, Smith said. Jeffries, who was living at the extended stay, told officers she had shot her husband.

Abdul-Mateen had been shot and was lying in a hallway, but was able to tell officers he had been shot, according to police.  Both Jeffries and Abdul-Mateen were transported to the hospital, where he later died.

In the initial report, police claim that Kia shot her husband in self defense. One detective saying, “They determined that Abdul-Mateen used a handgun to hit Jeffries repeatedly, until he was exhausted . . . At that point, Jeffries managed to turn the gun on Abdul-Mateen and pull the trigger.”


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