In a recent photoshoot, Raven Symone showed of her new body and new hair cut. Raven looks really good!!   She also has a new sitcom on ABC Family this fall called “The State of Georgia” and she recently talked to about her success as a mogul saying,

They always call me this mogul, but I don’t do it all alone. I have to be honest, even Oprah [Winfrey] doesn’t do it herself. I come up with all my desires and dreams. But there are lawyers, business managers, my mom and other people that do it [for me]. I go to my managers and I say, “This is my life plan. I want this, this and this. How can you help me? What do you think can be achieved at this time?” I surround myself with the right people to help me reach those goals. Whether it’s on a show, in my personal business or within my family, I have a wonderful circle of people that keep everything working. I can’t take all of the glory when it comes to my success.

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