Raven Symone covers this weeks issue of Rolling Out Magazine looking red hott!  In this issue she talks about what she wants in a man and balancing work and relationships.

On what she looks for in a guy: The things I find attractive are ambition, talent, teeth and a car. I don’t like to drive. It doesn’t have to be a Bentley. You can drive a Pinto, and I’ll pay for gas. But I won’t pay your insurance [laughs]. My ideal first date is no weave, no eyebrows, no makeup. I need to be in sweats, and I need him to be in sweats. We can drive around and see different houses. That’s my favorite date ever. I don’t want to go anywhere special. I just want to go for a ride.

On balancing work with her love life: I was raised to be about my business. I love the people who are around, but if I get a [business] call, I have to get up and go. I’m on a path for myself. When I’m done, I’ll start that other side of life. I can’t have distractions. If you’re a distraction, you gotta go. Full interview here.

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