Jayceon Taylor, a.k.a. The Game, finally got his wish to see his kids while celebrating his younger son’s birthday this past weekend.


The rapper share some pictures on social media, which I’m glad he got to see his kids, whatever is going on between him and Tiffany, should just between him and Tiffany.



The Game made a statement:

“I wanna start the day thanking God for waking me yet another day,” said the Game. “2nd I’d like to give thanks to him for bestowing upon me one of the greatest gifts my life had ever known…. My son @KingJusticeTaylor who is & has been continued motivation since the day he was born April 25th, 2007.”

The rapper further stated, “King, you are everything that a father could wish for… You are funny, charismatic, hilarious & a true inspiration to my life & I am proud to be able to say that I am your best friend. All the time we’ve spent together, the trips, the fun, the laughs we’ve enjoyed with one another have been nothing but wonderful memories stained deep in the core of my heart. I am your father… with that comes a lot of responsibility which to me comes easily due to the fact that I love you with everything God has given me to do so with & nothing will ever come between that & the fact that you are my everything ! I would wish you the best birthday but it makes no sense to do that when I will be there making everything you want it to be….. Happy 7th birthday @KingJusticeTaylor…. Love Dad”

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