This is the second time Ludacris has asked the judge not allow his court docs to be released to the public for fear of losing his “good name” in the entertainment business.


According to Jasmine Brand:

Ludacris whose real name Christopher Brian Bridges, is worried that confidential documents will be leaked to the public and it will cause him severe harm to his business and also his reputation and he is pleading with a judge to NOT make him share them in an ongoing legal battle.

However, Ludacris then filed docs last week stating he’s NOT handing over anything to the man, due to him not having a lawyer and representing himself in court

The rapper explains that Brown is seeking:

Confidential Materials in the form of confidential contracts involving Bridges’ music recording services, confidential contracts involving Bridges’ DISTURBING THA PEACE® mark, confidential licenses of the DISTURBING THA PEACE® mark, and the like. These agreements contain private business terms, rights, and obligations, of Bridges, his companies, as well as various third parties. He adds that he, “does not desire to produce copies of any Confidential Materials directly to the pro se Plaintiffs because, given their history of abusive litigation and related improprieties in the record, Bridges has no assurance that his Confidential Materials will, in fact, be kept confidential.”

He says that if released the documents, “will almost certainly harm Bridges and his business interests, causing him “annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, [and] undue burden [and] expense.”

Luda is asking the court to have a hearing on the matter to determine a better way to show Brown the documents. Read the EXCLUSIVE Court Documents.

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