RapHead.com– First We wanted to give BIG RAPHEAD SHOUTOUT to one of our newest members Young Good! He conquered our “Beats by Dre” contest by registering over 500+ new RapHeads across the country! His promo game was estupido!! We shipped off his new Beats by Dre headphones and just got pics in last night along with an email expressing his appreciation. He said he is holding up that 5 in the pic because that iPhone 5 is on the radar! Youngin’ goes hard, we definitely not mad at him! Thanks for your focus and dedication Young Good!! Every new member is a huge contribution to the RapHead.com Community! Enjoy them new Beats by Dre Headphones Fresh!

“I seen the promo for the contest online so I just went hard and got the job done! Focused.”



The contest went so well that we decided to do another exclusive run for our superstar social net-workers out there. This time we are giving away a brand new iPhone 5! We have been reading about the features of this new device and it does everything for you, but go to the bathroom. If you don’t believe us, check this…Apple got 2 Million Pre-Orders for the iPhone 5 in just the first 24hours of the announcement – GESH! It broke its own record for sales too. The iPhone 4 sold 1 million in 24hrs upon its release, the iPhone 5 did more than double that!! Harlem World – DOUBLE UP!! The phone hits the shelves in stores on September 21st. Good Luck with that, you better sign up some RapHeads kid!



INVITE as many Hip Hop and R&B fanatics as you can using our Invitations, Links, and/or Tweets!

MAKE SURE all your referrals put your name in the “How Did You Hear About RapHead” field so you get credit. At the end of each day we will tally up the referrals and match them with Member ID’s. GOOD LUCK!


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